Meet The Team

Husband and wife team Drs. Ben and Rena Mollner have poured their heart and soul into their dental practice to bring you the premier experience that is Mollner Dentistry. Mollner Dentistry’s roots can be traced back nearly 30 years when Dr. Mark Mollner first opened up shop in Colorado Springs.

Dr. Mark first bought a dental practice in Colorado Springs in 1987. His son, Dr. Ben Mollner met his wife – Dr. Rena Mollner – in dental school and joined his father in practice in Colorado Springs. As the practice grew, the addition of two doctors to Dr. Mark’s original practice proved to be too much for the 5 chair space, and the need to expand was obvious. In early 2011, the Mollner’s discovered a large, new, beautiful space in Denver that would be perfect for their new practice, and Mollner Dentistry was born. Along with this wonderful new office, came a vision. The Mollners had a goal to create their dream dental practice. The perfect opportunity to make every detail the way they had always envisioned it. Ultimately we had to ask ourselves a question: What do we need in order to do the best dentistry possible? This is a question many doctors do not get to answer. Usually when you start a dental practice, you inherit old equipment and learn to work with it, love it or hate it. Wouldn’t it be nice if we got choose our own perfect custom set-ups for every doctor? How much better would our work be if every piece of equipment was exactly the way we wanted it. We now had a reason to purchase the latest and greatest equipment that modern dentistry has to offer.

All three doctors are big technology buffs and love to use the most cutting edge advancements available in dentistry. We started with patient comfort. The dental chairs are double reclining, ultra-leather with memory foam padding. Each patient has their own personal flat-screen monitor with DirecTV and ability to see digital X-rays and intraoral pictures on the fly. Next we set out to get the best equipment for improving our own dentistry. We have handpieces (drills) with LED lights on the end for better vision, intraoral cameras that show tooth decay on a live video feed of your mouth, the industry’s newest and finest sterilzation system, CAD CAM 100% porcelain crown technology, and a host of other equipment that will allow us to do some of the finest dentistry in the country.