Platinum Plan – Dental Insurance Alternative


Dear Patients of Mollner Dentistry,

As we head into the new year, many of you will be renewing your insurance plans, or changing providers in January. Some of you may be cancelling old plans or just simply not using dental insurance at all.

We are excited to announce that we are introducing our own plan for 2020. The details can be found below, but in short – the plan will be $350/year and will include 2 cleanings, 2 exams, 1 set of radiographs, and 25% discount from our standard cash fees on all other dental procedures.

Please contact us if you have questions or would like to set up coverage in 2020. Details and some slight limitations can be found below.

Thank you! We wish you and your family a happy holidays and a great new year!


Mollner Dentistry is pleased to present our Platinum Plan, an in-house insurance alternative. This plan is focused on providing discounted coverage for people who do not have insurance coverage, or are looking for a low cost alternative to insurance.

Our goal with the Platinum Plan is to keep dental coverage simple, affordable, and eliminate a third party from any decision making regarding your treatment.

The Platinum Plan has a fixed membership due of $350 for 1 year of coverage. Included with this membership is 2 standard cleanings (Adult Prophy), 2 exams with the doctor, and 1 set of annual radiographs (dental x-rays that will be determined by the dentist regarding how many and what type will be necessary for the year) all at no additional charge.

In addition to the cleanings, exams, and x-rays, you will also receive a 25% discount from nearly ALL procedures† we offer, with only a few limitations/substitutions on the items listed below. Most cosmetic procedures, whitening, and elective procedures are all included!

There are no maximums to the amount of discount you can take, no limitations on specific procedures and no denials by a third party.

As an added benefit, we have partnered with several dental specialists in Denver to extend the discount of our Platinum members outside of our office. Platinum members will receive 20% discount from typical office fees with Oral Surgeon, Dr. Clyde Waggoner as well as 20% discount from typical office fees with Periodontist, Dr. Brian Gurinksy.

We are working on adding additional specialists to our plan, and we will update this page to reflect the specialists who partner with us.

Cannot be combined with any insurance or other offers.


$350 Annual Fee

-Coverage period lasts for 1 year starting on day of purchase

Includes 2 cleanings with exam and 1 set of X-rays per year

-Cleanings can be scheduled any time during the 1 year coverage period

-subject to availability of appointments, patient is responsible for scheduling appointments during their 1 year coverage period. Failure to schedule or cancellations with less than 24 hour notice will result in loss of cleaning appointment. Gray card holders will not be charged a cancellation fee, but will lose one of their cleaning appointments if cancellation is not completed with more than 24 hours notice.

-Please keep in mind that our hygiene/cleaning schedule is typically booked out several months in advance. It is the patient’s responsibility to schedule their cleanings while their Gray Card membership is still active. Although we will do our best to accommodate, we cannot guarantee last minute appointments or availability of a hygienist prior to expiration of your membership. It is highly recommended that you schedule your cleaning appointments 6 months in advance.

-1 set of X-rays (radiographs) will be included annually. The type and style of X-rays will be discussed with you and determined by the doctor. We follow the ALARA Radiograph principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable). This means we do not take a full set of X-rays every time you are in – unless your oral condition supports the need – with the goal of minimizing radiation exposure.

† Limitations:

Invisalign: you will be eligible for $500 discount off Comprehensive Invisalign Package cost instead of 25% discount

Botox: you will be eligible for $25 discount off Botox cost instead of 25% discount

Dental products: no discount provided for dental products that we sell such as electric toothbrushes, specialized toothpastes or mouth rinses.