Meet The Team

At Mollner Dentistry, we truly are a family affair!

Ask for “Dr. Mollner” in our office, and you will get 4 responses. Dr. Rena and Dr. Ben Mollner started the practice together in 2011 and are joined by Dr. Ben’s brother – Dr. Nate Mollner, and their father, Dr. Mark Mollner. The Mollners set out to create a dental experience that was unlike any they had seen before. Their goal was to create a place that was as stylish as it was comfortable, clean, relaxing, and easy to be in.

Mollner Dentistry’s roots can be traced back nearly 30 years when Dr. Mark first opened up shop in Colorado Springs. Today’s office was built from the ground up by Dr. Ben and Dr. Rena, and Dr. Nate brings to the table the most current and cutting edge dental theory and technique.

Dr. Mark first bought a dental practice in Colorado Springs in 1987. His oldest son, Dr. Ben Mollner joined his father in practice in Colorado Springs in 2010. Learning from his father, Dr. Ben partnered with Dr. Rena in 2011 to start their own practice in Denver. In the winter of 2010, they discovered a large, new, beautiful space in Denver that would be perfect for their new practice, and Mollner Dentistry was born. Along with this wonderful new office, came a vision. The Mollners had a goal to create their dream dental practice. The perfect opportunity to make every detail the way they had always envisioned it. Ultimately we had to ask ourselves a question: What do we need in order to do the best dentistry possible? This is a question many doctors do not get to answer. Usually when you start a dental practice, you inherit old equipment and learn to work with it, love it or hate it. Wouldn’t it be nice if we got choose our own perfect custom set-ups for every doctor? How much better would our work be if every piece of equipment was exactly the way we wanted it. We now had a reason to purchase the latest and greatest equipment that modern dentistry has to offer.

All four doctors are big technology buffs and love to use the most cutting edge advancements available in dentistry. We started with patient comfort. The dental chairs are double reclining, ultra-leather with memory foam padding. Each patient has their own personal flat-screen monitor with Apple TV and ability to see digital X-rays and intraoral pictures on the fly. Next we set out to get the best equipment for improving our own dentistry. We have handpieces (drills) with LED lights on the end for better vision, intraoral cameras that show tooth decay on a live video feed of your mouth, the industry’s newest and finest sterilzation system, CAD CAM 100% porcelain crown technology (Cerec machine), and a host of other equipment that will allow us to do some of the finest dentistry in the country.

Today, Dr. Mark still maintains his own practice in Colorado Springs, and Dr. Ben and Dr. Rena own and operate the Denver office along with opening a second location in 2017 in Greenwood Village (DTC).  Dr. Nate is a full time partner, joining us from his extensive training at Creighton Dental School in Omaha.  Although Dr. Mark does not officially practice at the Denver office, he makes a monthly guest appearance in the Denver office for specialty cases.

Dr. Ben Mollner grew up in Colorado Springs, attending high school at Liberty High. He spent his four years of undergrad at the University of San Diego, graduating with a Bachelor’s in Biology. He then returned home to Colorado to earn his DDS  from the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Ben’s favorite pastime is art, practicing graphic design and painting, and sculptural installations. He opened his own art gallery in 2022 called “Dark White Gallery” in Denver’s Santa Fe Art District. An immersive art gallery with hundreds of artworks all created by Dr. Ben, and open to the public on the First Friday of every month!  Dr. Ben can also often be found riding his bike or wrenching or fanning out on old classic cars – often cruising his 1965 Lincoln Continental when the weather is nice!

Dr. Rena Mollner hails from a small town south of Reno, Nevada. She also moved to Southern California after high school and attended 4 years at Whittier College, a private liberal arts school in Los Angeles. She worked with public health and as a personal trainer before moving to Colorado to earn her DDS from the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Rena continues her passion for public health by volunteering every month at the Denver Rescue Mission providing dental care for those in need.

Dr. Rena is a big proponent of natural healing arts and practices multiple disciplines of Western and natural healing, focusing on the interconnectedness of physical, mental, spiritual and diet based healing. She is also an avid reader with a constant rotation of new books, soaking them up just as quickly as she can get her hands on them. She remains a fitness and nutrition buff and is active between the gym, cross-fit, biking, running, hiking, and exploring Colorado.

Dr. Nate Mollner grew up very close with his older brother, Dr. Ben. Also attending Liberty High in Colorado Springs, where he excelled at sports and developed his love for anatomical sciences. He attended undergrad at Creighton University with a bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine, and was the president of Creighton’s Pre-Dental society. Before starting dental school, Dr. Nate worked as a personal trainer in San Diego, furthering his passion for anatomy and science, and acquiring a new flame in the art of surfing. Dr. Nate returned to Creighton University to earn his DDS, and finally back to his home state of Colorado where he joined the rest of the Mollner clan, rounding out Mollner Dentistry. Dr. Nate has a self-proclaimed “insatiable thirst” for music. He can often be found at Red Rocks live shows, or at the Ogden and Fillmore when the weather is cold. It is rare to see him without a beat somewhere in the background. Golf remains a strong pursuit for Dr. Nate, proudly swinging his club every month of the year and touring the world in search of the next best course!

Dr. Mark Mollner, DDS

Dr. Mark Mollner has been practicing dentistry in Colorado Springs for 30 years. He is a Colorado native, born and raised in Denver Colorado and attended Creighton University in Nebraska for both his undergraduate degree in biology and his DDS at Creighton’s prestigious dental school. He has served as the president of the Colorado Springs Dental Society and belongs to several local and national study clubs. He is a regular participant in the Colorado Mission of Mercy and donates his time and skills to help the underserved through organizations such as KIND (Kids in Need of Dentistry) and Give Kids a Smile and Colorado Mission of Mercy (COMOM). He is an avid outdoorsmen and sports enthusiast. Dr. Mollner is happily married to his high school sweetheart for over 30 years now. They have two boys who are the pride of their lives. Dr. Mollner loves his patients and loves practicing dentistry.