Mollner Membership Plan -An Insurance Alternative


We are pleased to offer our own Membership Plan as an alternative to dental insurance. Our Membership Plan offers significant benefits over many Big Corporate insurance companies by cutting out the middle-man. For a low yearly fee, you can get the dentistry you need with highly predictable terms that are easy to understand.

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Mollner Membership Plan

Average Dental Insurance Plan

$400 Annual Fee

$1200 Annual Fee

25% Discount on ALL procedures

Including cosmetic and elective procedures. If you need it or want it, its covered!

(Invisalign is the only procedure we don’t offer 25% discount on, but we do include a $500 discount off the standard Invisalign cost with membership)

Coverage for only SELECT procedures

Included Annually

2 Cleanings

2 Exams

1 set of X-Rays

Additional exams for $22 each, additional X-rays at no charge

Included Annually

2 Cleanings

2 Exams

1 set of X-Rays

Additional Exams $52 each, additional X-rays $18 per image

25% Discount with our Partnering Specialists

We have partnered with several local specialists who have agreed to accept our membership plan

Save 25% on specialist fees with all of the same benefits as our plan INCLUDED at no extra cost!

Includes Oral Surgeon, Periodontist, and Endodontist specialities

No Specialist Inclusion

Some specialists will accept dental insurance, but are the patient’s responsibility to verify

Insurance providers will provide coverage for only select procedures with specialists, and apply yearly maximums, denials, deductibles, pre-existing conditions, and waiting periods

NO Yearly Maximums

No Limit to the amount of procedures you can have completed in one year

$1000-$2000 Yearly Maximum

Insurance provides NO COVERAGE for procedures after you have reached this dollar amount for the year

NO Denials

No procedures denied for any reason. If you need it or want it, its covered!

Frequent Denials

Any procedure can be denied by the insurance provider for any reason.

Insurance provider can even deny “covered” procedures if they choose or if they think the procedure is not necessary.

NO Deductible

No additional fee for any procedure ever.

You simply pay the cost of the procedure

$50 Deductible

Automatic $50 charge when you use your insurance for the first time each year

This fee is in addition to the cost of the procedure and the monthly premium

NO Waiting Periods

Full benefits available the day you sign up for membership

1-2 Year Waiting Period

Insurance will not cover ANY “major restorative” procedure (fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, etc.) until waiting period is over

They will only cover “preventative” procedures (cleanings, exams) in the first 1-2 years, but you will still pay the full cost of the insurance premium the entire time

NO Pre-Existing Conditions / Missing Tooth Clause

You will not be denied coverage for pre-existing health conditions or denied on teeth that are already missing

Missing Tooth Clause

Insurance provides No Coverage for teeth that are already missing – meaning no coverage for a bridge or implant to replace a missing tooth

Pre-existing health conditions can be a reason to deny coverage for certain procedures

You are billed full fee to replace a tooth that is already missing when you activated your insurance

NO Pre-Authorization Requirements

No need to get a pre-authorization for a procedure. You are eligible immediately upon diagnosis or decision to move forward with treatment

Pre-Authorization Required for Some Procedures

Some providers will require 4-6 weeks of review from insurance provider before eligible coverage

Employer Sponsored Plans Available

If your employer helps pay for your dental insurance, we work with local employers to provide insurance at a discounted rate

We have several local employers who use our membership plan in place of big corporate insurance companies, and is often lower cost to both employer and employee

Ask Your Employer To Provide Our Membership Plan As A Low Cost Alternative To Dental Insurance

We offer discounted rates to local employers with 8 or more employees

What’s The Catch?

How can we provide all of these benefits over traditional insurance plans?

Dental insurance companies make millions in profit by charging extra fees, and denying and limiting claims.

They also severely limit doctor reimbursement rates and pay our doctors and hygienists fees that were typical of the 1990s.

By eliminating the middle man that is dental insurance, we are able to provide significant benefits to our patients as well as be compensated at higher rates than insurance companies provide.