What Sets Us Apart

Many dental offices today are so similar, it can be difficult to tell them apart. We pride ourselves on the use of technology and the most modern and groundbreaking techniques available in dentistry today. We have invested and trained in equipment that less than 5% of general dentists in the US are currently using.


Digital X-Rays: Digital X-rays allow you to instantly visualize your films on your own personal chair side screen, all without leaving the room you are having treatment in. Reduce the amount of time you spend in the dental chair, and also reduce overall radiation used to capture images.


i-CAT Cone Beam X-Ray: an X-ray scanner which can reproduce a 3D computerized model of your bones and teeth, ideal for safely placing implants, and extracting wisdom teeth.


Digital Impressions: We have recently acquired a digital impression wand that allows us to take 3D impressions of teeth in certain situations simply by taking pictures with our digital laser wand. No gooey impression material and 100% accurate impressions.


Crowns In One Day: Combined with our digital impression, we also use a state of the art crown milling machine (Cerec). If you need a crown, we are now able to scan the tooth into the computer, mill the crown out of a solid block of extremely high strength porcelain, and place a tooth colored crown the same day. No more 2 week wait, and no more temporaries.


Dental Implants: We are proud to be part of only 2% of general dentists placing implants and restoring missing teeth with implant solutions from start to finish.


Intra-oral Cameras: High resolution camera wand fits inside of your mouth and can show problems with teeth in fine detail on our patient’s personal screen.


Sopro-Camera: Using an intra-oral camera equipped with a special light on the end, a certain wavelength of light is passed over the teeth and is reflected back in red when a cavity is present. Depending on how dense the minerals in teeth are, cavities will show as red and normal tooth structure as green. Follow along on the live monitor to visualize cavities in real time.


Personal Flat Panel Screens: Every operatory is equipped with its own flat panel TV screen to allow for patient education, or entertainment with a variety of music channels and DirecTV.


The list does not end here. These are the most exciting and flashy pieces of technology in the office, but we also pride ourselves on the less dramatic details. Almost daily we read and research professional dental articles and research in order to stay up to date with our eductation and the ever changing dental field. You may not notice some of these smaller details like the latest bonding techniques or root canal cleansing solutions, but rest assured we do and we aim to benefit our patients by arming ourselves with this knowledge.